There’s no doubt that travelling is full of hassles as we are always carrying a lot of things and we usually forget something behind before boarding a flight. However, Delhi Airport is here to save the day as it keeps a track of things that have been lost.


A person named Amba, with the username @MumbaiCentral, tweeted about how the Delhi Airport website allows people to track their lost belongings on their website. She wrote that:

One can just key in a random date and enjoy secondhand embarrassment/anxiety at the number of things people have left behind at the airport.

Soon after, netizens started commenting about the bizarre things they found on the list on Delhi Airport’s official website. While some of the answers were rib-tickling, several others were quite shocking. Here are some of the best responses:

You can check the lost and found page yourself here. All you need to do is enter the terminal number and a date. That’s all. 

You can check the entire thread here:

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