It took millions of years for humans to evolve and dominate themselves as the alpha species. But there have been certain anomalies along the way which gave birth to the ‘bizarre’ news category.

Last year, we compiled a list of the most bizarre things that happened in India in 2018. While scooping through hundreds of articles (please give us credit, it’s hard work), we stumbled across even more bizarre news that had us like WTF? 

Honestly, we can all relate.

That took an unexpected turn.


…and to judge others’ power-point presentations.

FBI: Send soil samples to the lab.
Indian police: 

Abhi toh party shuru... wait… what?

Honestly, both will get you high if you snort ’em.

Was the cab a Lamborghini?

…and obviously they inspired a barrage of fresh memes.

Acha sila diya tuney mere pyaar ka!

Where do I sign up?

Ma Sheela: Tough udders.

Chowkidar chowkana hai.

PETA-yi kar di.

25 years later, he’s still stuck there.

Do these headlines sound too bizarre to be true? Well, that’s because they are. Happy April Fools’ day!

Design credit: Nupur Agrawal