From the groom’s weak eyesight to the groom failing to recite the multiplication table of two, there have been a number of bizarre reasons why brides called off their weddings. And, in the latest addition to the list of these strange reasons is a bride, who refused to marry the groom after he failed to arrange a photographer.

Hold in your laughter, because we are not kidding!

There’s no doubt that a team of good photographers is one of the most important vendors for any wedding. They provide us with memories that we cherish forever. However, how would you feel if your groom wouldn’t book a photographer to capture all the highlights of your big day?

After all the wedding preparations were done, the bride and groom were all set for the jaimaala ceremony. However, as soon as the bride realised that there was no photographer around them to click pictures, she refused to take part in the ceremony and left the stage.

When everyone tried convincing her, she was absolutely adamant that she wouldn’t marry a man who cannot take care of her needs.

The man who did not care about our marriage today, how is he going to take care of me in the future?

In the end, both parties went to the police station, where they agreed to return the cash and valuables, by mutual consent.

Dori Lal, Sub-Inspector at Mangalpur Station said:

Both the parties returned the goods and cash given to each other. After this, the groom left for his native place without a bride. There was a dispute over the photographer and videographer which the groom side did not arrange due to which the girl got angry and refused to marry.

Men, please take notes for your future wedding!