India’s moon mission Chandrayaan-3 recently landed on the lunar south node. It’s a historic moment for us as a nation and for humanity at large. And what seems to have made this an even sweeter achievement is how people from different countries are appreciating the mission landing. Take for instance Pakistan’s positive reaction to Chandrayaan-3. Some are downright witty, while others are sweet and endearing.

Chandrayaan-3, Pakistan

Which is why we’re curated a few of them, for you to read/watch and absorb the love from! Take a look:

1. A good sense of humour will probably save the world one day.

2. Couples who cheer others on together are a vibe.

3. Thank you, appreciate your love padosi.

4. Glad to have these two be a part of our happiness.

5. I guess we both have our own kinds of moons then, don’t we?

6. What an honourable moment.

How adorable are these?