Sitting at home on a new year’s eve may not be the first choice for most of us, but for various circumstances, we are pretty sure a lot of you are sitting at home and scrolling through Facebook, only to see the posts and check-ins of your friends.


Well, do not fret, you are on the right article. We have jotted down some comforting things you can tell yourself, while the world seems to be having one helluva party. 

1. New year comes every year. Duh!

I mean so what you are not celebrating this year, the 31st December of 2017 will come soon before you even realise.


2.  2016 wasn’t really a year to celebrate.

Let’s face it, 2016 wasn’t the best of the year for you, so yeah, you are doing just fine sitting at home, it deserved nothing more.

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3. Who cares if you are not partying, there are always awards shows to watch on TV.

Who wouldn’t like to snuggle in the bed with some popcorn and watch some pre-recorded Bollywood award shows where everyone wins an award except for Aamir Khan?


 4. It’s not like you don’t have a life or friends. It’s all because of demonetisation.

You can always blame it on Modi. “How the hell can we party amidst all the cash crunch”. #KejriwalApproves.


5. The clubs will be crowded AF, so why even try?

Have you seen how crowded the clubs are on a regular Saturday? Imagine, the whole world descending for the new year’s eve bash. You don’t want a stampede, do you?

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6. It’s going to be really cold outside, just like the new season of GoT, winter has come.

The new year is fine, but you don’t wanna catch a cold right at the start of it. Do you?


7. Who wants to start their new year puking in a public washroom?

What better way to celebrate your new year’s eve other than sleeping away to glory? Instead of puking in a club’s washroom at 2 AM, you’d be snoring in your warm bed!

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8. You can’t drink and drive and the cab services know that pretty damn well.

It’s the new year’s eve if you were out partying, you’d be pretty sloshed to drive and the cabs will have surge pricing on, so yeah, you saved like Rs 200 right there.


9.  While Narendra Modi addresses the nation, the wise thing is to run to the ATM.

Nowadays, whenever Modi is addressing the nation, you know totally unpredictable things can happen. So yeah, you will be better prepared than the party-goers to tackle a possible new policy by the PM.


10. You are in the best company, you are your favourite one.

In conclusion, you don’t really need anyone else to enjoy. *Hi-five*


Hope you are feeling better. By the way, happy new year.