Life is tough sometimes and the humour is the only way to keep going forward.

Keeping that in mind, young Croatian artist cujkocomics started making dark comics that will make you feel so sad, you will actually start feeling good. 

1. Behave yourself, dad. 

2. Life is a drag anyway. 

3. Shouldn’t have fallen into the trap.

4. iPhone 11, here we come.

*But why?*

5. Pack your bags and leave.

6. I’ll get my own name tattooed, if ever. 

7. It’s all about loving your family. 

8. What a beautiful fairy tale. 

9. Zyan Malik below cats, please?

10. And Tsunami was a result of under-water nuclear test.

11. All the best for your future.

12. Beard, you literally have one job. Of growing.

13. It’s lonely inside the lamp.

14. Monopoly, FTW.

15. Does the Sun think about eating Earth sandwich?

16. Susan is annoying AF. Even at 80.

17. Life’s tough.

Feeling better, now? You’re welcome. 

You can catch more of amazing cujkocomics’s work here.