Over 120 countries have put in place travel bans and asked their citizens to stay in quarantine because of the pandemic. But as we all know, it isn't easy staying indoors. 

These comic artists decided to illustrate the daily scenes of quarantine life that feel all too real. 

The dating paradox. 

Time is just an illusion at this point.

Social distancing - the only way to keep your friends close. 

Literally every introvert right now.

Being quarantined with someone you love is romantic in its own way. 

COVID-19 calls for a new kind of romance.

Working from home? Let's make it a date. 

Love in the time of Coronavirus

Getting your priorities right. 

Work from home has endless distractions. 

Self-Quarantine expectation vs reality. 

Isolation is a chance to love yourself. 

Introverts vs extroverts is an ongoing battle. 

The key is to stay healthy and calm. 

Stay safe and stay indoors!