As kids, we all did the same kind of random things that made absolutely no sense. You see, when you're young, stuff like drinking water out of a wine glass pretending it is alcohol brings joy.

I thought it would be good to look at some of those activities.

1. Putting a clutch on our lips. 

That was just us getting used to pain. *Sigh*

things we all did as kids
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2. Stacking up plastic chairs and then trying to figure out a way to get on top.

Bohot thrilling hota tha honestly.

plastic hairs on top of each other
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3. Screaming in front of a farata at shadis.

Yodeling ka shauk purana hai. 

singing in front of a fan
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4. Putting face between bar grills.

Gotta admit I still do it. Maza aata hai.

And they used to be these ones.

Putting face between bar grills
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5. Failed attempt at cartwheel.

Ye dekho? Dekha? Dekha?

Failed attempt at cartwheel
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6. Bowling in the air.

A yorker, always.

bowling action
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7. Putting fevicol on our hands and then peeling it off.

It's called manicure, look it up.
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8. Trying to walk on specific tiles otherwise current lagega.

Root of my anxiety issues lol (*cries*).

Trying to walk on specific tiles otherwise current lagega
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9. Trying to pierce skin with a needle.

Please tell me everyone did this and I wasn't a freak.

10. Placing colour *what is it called* on top of each other.

Apna burj khalifa.

stacking colour pencils
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11. Pretending to smoke when it's foggy outside.

Bachpan se buri adatein.

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12. Poking eraser with pencil.

Iska koi point hai? Humein bohot lagta tha.

13. Skipping steps on stairs.

Gotta get that adrenaline rush.

Skipping steps on stairs
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Those were the days.