Traffic cops are like comedians, nobody takes them seriously. That’s exactly why people have the audacity to come up with such strange excuses when they get busted. Presenting typical excuses Indians make up to save their asses from getting fined by traffic police.

For obvious reasons, excuses like ” Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai! “, and ” I am Salman Khan ” are not included in this list. Because let’s face it, they are both valid and work all the time.

Alright, here’s our list.

1. When you’re caught racing without helmets

2. When you accidentally run over some homeless guys

3. As soon as the cop starts walking towards you

4. When your bike is causing more air pollution than Reliance industries

5. When you break the speed limit

6. When you jump the signal


8. When you’re caught entering a one-way

9. If they question about the bike you just stole









18. And when every trick fails…

P.S.: This article does not promote making silly excuses to cops. Not only is that unethical, it’s stupid.

P.P.S.: Just Kidding.