The magnanimity of the ongoing pandemic is such, that everyone has accepted their lives are going to change forever. Nothing will be the same.

The way we interact, the way we express ourselves and the way we get married. 

You know? Not just the events but also the rituals. Especially the rituals (no touchy touchy allowed – desi parents’ dream).

For instance:

There is not much clarity about where the video is from, but the idea seems to be nice.

Just put the garland on two sticks and toss it around one another’s necks. It’s in fact a fun game type situation.

Which is great, if the couple maintains distance even after the wedding; otherwise what’s the point? Also, they should have used different pair of sticks to be completely safe. Anyhow, Twitter has some opinions on this. You can read them here:

In addition to these, there were MANY questions about the suhaag raat. Obviously.