Freddy Mercury couldn’t have been more right when he said ‘crazy little thing called love.’ Whether you accept it or not, love changes the game. The guy who was never bothered about how he looked, is now getting manicures and pedicures. And the girl who was independent yesterday is all “main tumhare liye kuch bhi kar sakti hun.” And then, we fight, we break up; we kiss, we make up. We don’t understand why we do and say these stupid things, but then all’s fair in love and war, no? Here are 15  really  really silly things that people in love fight over.

No. 15 – “It’s 5 past 12 and you haven’t called. You forgot it’s my birthday no?”

Your watch is 5 minutes fast.

No. 14 – “Raat ko 10 baje koi time hai office se ghar aane ka?”

No. 13 – “I saw you online but you didn’t reply to my message.”

Because I was there for a second and btw ,why  is your ‘ last seen’ hidden?

No. 12 – “Why was your phone busy from past 38 minutes 45 seconds?”

No. 11 – “Why were you looking at her?”

Because I have eyes.. I guess!

No. 10 – “How can you forget our 100-day anniversary?”

You mean my 100 day death anniversary?

No. 9 – “You didn’t notice my new haircut! You’re not interested in me anymore!”

Baby, that’s because love is blind.

No. 8 – “Your friends hate me. What did you tell them?”

Nothing. They’re just smart.

No. 7 – “Why did you add that guy on Facebook? Is it because we fought last night?”

Duh! Obviously I did it only to ‘get back at you’ and not because I know him since I was 3.

No. 6 – “How can you sleep without saying goodnight to me?”

Like this… zzzz

No. 5 -“Why your Facebook status is still ‘single’? Are you ashamed of me?”

No. 4 – “Why do you hang out with guys all the time? Don’t you have girl friends?”

Why? So that you can hit on them? Am I not hot enough? Have I become fat? Are you cheating on me?

No. 3 – “Why didn’t you tell me that you got free early today? Are you cheating on me?”

Are we playing CID CID?

No. 2 – “Baby, how can you wear such short dresses? Only I am supposed to see you like this no!”

Baby, how can you show your 6 pack abs to everyone? Only I am supposed to see it no!

No. 1 – “Why am I always the first one to say I love you?”

Why am I always the first one to take out my wallet?

And that’s the real happily ever after. You see, love is… Oops, sorry I’ve got to go, boyfriend calling!