One of the best things about living with your friends is that you get to share everything with them (well, not everything, but you get the gist.) Unless of course, you have work the next day and your friend insists on watching the English Premier League LIVE. As you stand amidst his makeshift shrine to the Gods of Football (oh yeah, complete with jerseys, posters, and laptop skins) you wonder why he couldn’t just like the gentlemen’s game, Cricket, and watch the matches during the day like normal human beings. 

If these debates are a regular occurrence between you and your BFF, you will want to send this video to him (or her) right away. Take a look at how these two guys try to justify their favorite sport as the superior one and try not to laugh. 

Friend: “Tsamina mina, eh eh, Waka waka, eh eh…” 

Me: *Facepalms*