If you are a woman who has attended a family function in a dress with a neck that was too little too deep, you’d definitely been asked by someone to ‘cover’ it up, and that would show you how Indians love covering things up.

If you haven’t had that experience (lucky you!) and are a middle-class person, you can look around your house and see some electronics or other covered with some beautiful frilly cloth. And so did Amit Daswani, who posted this picture on a Facebook group, captioned “You can find covers for everything in India” –

desis cover everything

So, we decided to find some other things Indians love to cover. Have a look!

1. Refrigerators

fridge cover

2. Air Conditioners

ac cover

3. Television

tv cover

4. Telephone

telephone cover

5. Washing Machines

desi cover washing machine
Arham Smart

6. Cooler

desi cover cooler

7. Microwave Cover

desi cover electornics

8. Mixer Cover

Basically, us desis have covers for all our electronic appliances.

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