It’s a funny world that we live in. But it’s funnier to see people making fool of themselves and being totally unaware about it. This Twitter account -1000 IQ has shared some Twitter moments that are dumb enough to make your stomach hurt with laughter!

1. Too stupid to understand you’ve been made a fool of. 

2. The hottest party of the decade, quite literally. 

3. I don’t really get it how’s it cool to not carry a goddamn umbrella when it’s pouring!

4. Smooth decisions can be risky at times.

5. Realisation is important. Full marks. 

6. Raisin’ some important issue here. 

7. Prince, we don’t really trust. 

8. No that’s NOT how it works!

9. You got to be kidding. 

10. This one’s wrong on so many levels. 

11. My teammates in a group project who think they contribute enough.  

12. Accurate reflection of stupidity. 

13. Not all goodbyes hurt. 

14. Mittens you mean??

15. Not his fault, though. 

16. It’s not allowed, fam. 

17. sOmE iDiOt… well. 

18. How odd!

19. This one never gets old LMAO. 

20. Rose.

21. 01, 02, 03…. so many possibilities, duh. 

22. Glad they didn’t send 0022!

23. Chug it like..

Next time you think you aren’t smart enough, revisit our article. Thanks.