Since almost everyone is equipped with smartphones, I am considering that all of you have made typographical errors while writing a text online. Be it sending a message to your family, friends, partners, or even colleagues and bosses, I am sure you have had those typo moments in your lives. While the sender is mostly embarrassed, the receiver either gets surprised, shocked, or laughs out loud at times. Blame auto-correct on your keyboard, peeps!

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Here are 20 embarrassing typos that people have made online:

1. When someone typed ‘dead’ instead of ‘dear’

Imagine yourself in a situation when you refer to your close ones as ‘dear’ but your phone wants them ‘dead’. Yep! That’s what happened in this online conversation over phone. Oops!

Source: Brooke Fisher/Twitter

2. When someone wrote ‘panty’ instead of ‘pantry’

“There is food in the drawer thing in the panty (sic).” That’s how someone made a typo while informing her BFF about anything that the person could eat while she was away from home.

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3. When someone typed ‘f**k’ instead of ‘duck’

Most of you who get irritated with the keyboard correcting ‘f**k’ as ‘duck’ while you are typing a message on your phone will surely relate to it. This can happen vice versa too. Someone had apparently sent the F word to her mother-in-law on a WhatsApp group while talking about the Christmas lunch menu.

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4. When someone wrote ‘coming’ instead of ‘cooing’

This happened when someone accidentally typed a WhatsApp message to her boss saying, “Why do we want to waste an afternoon coming over all their kids?” The boss, who was shocked, corrected her. Ahm, you mean ‘cooing’. Oops! We’ll call it an honest mistake.

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5. When someone typed ‘clits’ instead of ‘clothes’

“I have rinsed all the clits already…(sic).” Imagine reading out this message when someone is around you. This happened when someone’s manager mistakenly mentioned ‘clits’ and then corrected it. However, the manager still made a grammatical error.

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6. When someone misspelt ‘puris’ in every possible way

If you are a foodie who often misspells the name of your favourite meal in excitement, then this is for you. This happened when someone’s ‘foodie’ sister typed ‘pyrus’, ‘puyris’, ‘purim’, ‘pris’, and ‘paris’ before sending the actual word, ‘puris’ while planning an Iftar meal.

Source: Rahat K/Twitter

7. When someone wrote ‘masam’ instead of ‘madam’

Just ‘coz letters ‘S’ and ‘D’ are quite close to each other on the keyboard, this is bound to happen. A student apparently typed ‘masam’ instead of ‘madam’ while interacting with the teacher on a WhatsApp group. Oops!

Source: DHINA/Twitter

8. When someone wrote ‘what’ instead of ‘want’

Imagine someone wants to treat you to baked potatoes but ends up calling you one. That’s exactly what happened when an uncle accidentally called a guy ‘bake potato’ while the latter was going to the gym. “You what a bake potato (sic).” And the guy probably understood that it was a typo.

Source: eden skelton/Twitter

9. When someone typed ‘hat sip’ instead of ‘what’s up’

Sometimes, we end up making typos that have no connection to the actual word and that’s what happened here. A girl, who was chatting with her uncle, apparently typed, “Yo hat sip (sic).” While she corrected herself, her uncle thought it was a ‘lingo‘ and wanted to learn the same.

Source: daydream/Twitter

10. When someone wrote ‘certified uncle’ instead of ‘certified lifeguard’

Well, that was an honest mistake but a hilarious typo for sure. The person, who was apparently a professional lifeguard, literally typed, “I’m a certified uncle (sic),” while reading and writing at the same time. Hahaha!

Source: Starzorz/Twitter

11. When someone typed ‘dies’ instead of ‘flies’

Well, imagine if someone misspelled ‘flies’ and used ‘dies’ for an aspirant who is waiting to clear the exams. This WhatsApp conversation is all about that. An aunt typed, “Hope he dies ok,” for a guy instead of writing, “Hope he flies ok.” And that is just second-hand embarrassment. 

Source: Natali Simmonds/Twitter

12. When someone wrote ‘crapping’ instead of ‘clapping’

This happened when someone apparently made a typo for acknowledgment. “Forgot to ask will you be crapping for Nicola later (sic)?” the message reads. We are guessing that he meant ‘clapping’.

Source: Stuart Gillespie/Twitter

13. When someone wrote ‘lovey’ instead of ‘lovely’

Imagine someone calls you ‘perfect’ and then bam! you make a silly typo. This WhatsApp conversation is all about that. This person acknowledged a compliment, saying, “Well that’s lovey, thank you…” and later corrected the mistake. Well, no one is perfect.

Source: Daisy/Twitter

14. When someone typed ‘angel’ instead of ‘angle’

This will be relatable to those whose moms make typos. This happened when a mother cropped her photo and wanted to ask her daughter if it was the right angle. Well, she typed ‘angel’ instead of that.

Source: weeny beeny/Twitter

15. When BBC wrote ‘massaging’ instead of ‘messaging’

Just like us, even the British Broadcasting Corporation once allegedly made a typographical error while sending a notification about Facebook acquiring WhatsApp. In its notification, BBC called WhatsApp, a ‘massaging’ service instead of ‘messaging service’. Wooaah!

Source: Rik Ferguson/Twitter

16. When someone typed ‘gyess5’ instead of ‘guess’

Raise your hand if you have made the same typo. Blame your auto-correct for typing ‘guess’ as some sort of coupon code called, ‘gyess5’ or ‘GYESS5’. Hilarious AF.

Source: Johnny Chiodini/Twitter

17. When someone misspelt ‘writs’ as ‘wtits’

This happened when someone’s client apparently created a WhatsApp group for a court case and then corrected its subject name. ‘SC Wtits’ to ‘SC Writs’. For the unversed, a writ is a written order from the court.

Source: Deepak Joshi/Twitter

18. When someone typed ‘Gof’ instead of ‘God’

I am sure that your mom and dad must have made such typos while writing almost everything on their WhatsApp status. Just like this one that reads, “Gof first (sic).” Hey Bhagwaan!

Source: SV cleaners of osogbo/Twitter

19. When someone typed ‘lick’ instead of ‘lock’

Just like ‘S’ and ‘D’, even ‘I’ and ‘O’ letters are next to each other, and hence, such typos usually happen. Imagine informing to someone that you have managed to ‘lick’ yourself out after gym. Wait, did you mean, ‘lock’? Ahmmm!

Source: Julieprunes/Twitter

20. When someone misspelt ‘Pope’

Imagine spelling out ‘Pope’ as ‘Poop’ and ‘Popo’. Damn! That was a bad one.

Which ones did you find the most embarrassing? Even we make such typos, haina?