All of us have had our fair share of bad breakups. The best we can do is put that ex where they belong – in the past.

Apparently, these exes didn’t get the memo. Alfridus Arianto, an Indonesian man dragged his ex-girlfriend Fransiska Nona Liin, to court and sued her for all the expenditure he made on her during their relationship. Arianto brought the case to the Maumere Court to demand Rp 40 million (almost ₹2 lakh) from his ex. He said he wants compensation for all the money he spent on her while they were dating. 


The judge presiding over the case told Arianto to settle the case peacefully out of court. While Liin agreed to those terms, Arianto refused and demanded she pay back ten times what he spent on her during their relationship. He even increased his demand from Rp 40 million to Rp 400 million, in case Linn decided to marry someone else. 

This is funny, because the reason why Linn broke up in the first place was because she found out about Arianto’s 2 other wives. 


After multiple attempts to achieve peace with Arianto, Linn turned to offense and sued her ex-boyfriend back. What for? Over the drinking water he consumed and the many times he used her restroom when he came to her house. According to Linn’s lawyer, 

The plaintiff came to the defendant’s house, used her restroom [and] will be sued for compensation. The restroom is for Liin’s and her family’s use, not the defendant’s. 

If this carries on, seems like both these exes and the judge are in for a long legal battle.