The struggle for Indian Independence is marked in our memories as an incident which shaped our identity as a nation. The freedom struggle united Indians who came from different geographical and religious backgrounds under one common goal – swaraj. The movement faced several challenges among which the foremost was the absence of a channel to communicate at a mass level.

What if the freedom fighters had access to Facebook? That would perhaps facilitate the execution of the activities of the movement. Would they use Facebook like we do? Here is what the freedom fighters would sound like if they used Facebook like we do :

Tracking people would have been easy because of check-ins.

Invitation for public gatherings would be sent by creating events.

Accepting and rejecting friend requests would be a way of showing allegiance.

This is probably what India’s First troll would do

Challenges like ‘discard British goods’ would be started on Facebook.

Hidden groups would look something like this:

If India had an account, its timeline would probably look something like this :

So, would it have been great if Facebook existed at that time?

This post was inspired by this awesome post on Quora .