Remember Marie Kondo a.k.a the tidying expert? The organising ninja who inspired us to move our lazy butts and clean out all the things that didn't 'spark joy'.

Source: Wall Street Journal

If you've watched Tidying Up on Netflix, you'd know that our organising sensei's mantra is minimalism.  And how we should only hold on to the things that bring us joy, basically objects that have some kind of an emotional value attached to them. 

Source: Giphy

Turns out she was asking us to tidy up just so that we could loosen our pockets and make place for new things, how you ask? 

Well, she has recently started a lifestyle and decor label that goes by the name KonMari, where she's selling products for exorbitant prices. 

We have to say, Twitter wasn't very pleased with her decision. They weren't appreciative of Marrie convincing the audience to get rid of their stuff just to buy her products: 

So basically we didn't realise that we were 'tidying up' only to spend more money and make place for new things? Bubye miniliasm.