If you’ve noticed Farah Khan in reality shows and interviews, you’d be well aware of the savagery that reflects in her comebacks.

We’re bringing this up today because Ananya Panday uploaded a super hilarious video on her Instagram account on Tuesday, in which choreographer-director Farah Khan also appears.

The video starts with Ananya Panday casually introducing herself, when she is interrupted by Farah Khan, who screams, “Ananya, Ananya, you have won the National Award for Khaali Peeli.” When Ananya gets thrilled, Farah Khan responds, “I am joking” ( just the way Chunky Panday’s character Aakhri Pasta says in the Housefull film-series).

However, the highlight of the post was Farah Khan and Chunky Panday’s ROFL Instagram banter. All in jest, of course. 

Ananya’s dad Chunky Panday commented: “Farah you should get the award for overacting in this video.” Farah Khan’s reply: “Apni beti ko sambhal pehle.” Damn, a true mic drop moment!

Twitter is literally ROFL, look at the best reactions here: 

Damn it, Farah!