As someone who is a sucker for urban legends and conspiracy theories, each time I get to know about an interesting phenomenon which cannot be explained, I put my tin foil hat on and jump on the conspiracy bandwagon. So, your homeboy here has compiled a list of some of the most intriguing and bizarre things that are a mystery of their own and simply CANNOT be explained. Read on, and get ready to feel the chills!

The mystery around the Bermuda Triangle

A triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean where ships and planes are known to disappear, the mystery around the Bermuda Triangle haunts many till date. Some say that it is a porthole to time-travel, while others call it a gateway to another world.

The sightings of Bigfoot, a manlike beast in various parts of America

A hairy man-like creature that is known to live in the wilderness, leaving behind footprints, the Bigfoot has been seen by eyewitnesses in various parts of America. Some scientists argue that Bigfoot is a hoax and originated from folklore. But, the accounts of several eyewitnesses and ambiguous photographs say otherwise.

The existence of intuition or the ‘sixth sense’ that can predict future occurrences

Psychologists have not been able to explain intuition. Some of them even argue that our brain subconsciously picks up information from the world around us and uses it to predict what will happen next.   

The mysterious appearance of a tiger in KIA Motors' teaser video

KIA Motors' new teaser video seems bizarre to say the least. It shows a tiger standing next to a brand new range of cars by KIA motors. What is the purpose of the tiger, after all? Did the tiger lose his way to the jungle safari? Was he looking for a hitch hike? Who knows? 

Click here to take a wild, wild guess.

The existence of ghosts, spirits, demons and the likes 

There is no dearth of haunted places in the world but there’s definitely a dearth of scientific facts that can explain the existence of ghosts and spirits. I, for one,have heard about several haunted places in India. The scariest one undoubtedly is Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, where it is said that the ghost of princess Ratnavati haunts the fort at night, *shudders*. 

All the more surprising appearance of an upside-down astronaut in another teaser video for KIA

Just when you thought it couldn’t get stranger, we spotted an astronaut in KIA Motors' new video. He is hanging upside down and it seems as if he lost his way during a spacewalk. Or did he? Was he pulled in by the gravity of the beautiful car? Only time will tell, or maybe you take a shot at this by clicking here.

So what are the tiger and the astronaut all about? Why are they next to a shiny new KIA? *mystery intensifies*.

IDK about you, but I still haven’t given up on solving the mystery and I will do all I can to get to the bottom of this. Are you with me?