Well, sex and porn is all nice and stuff, but have you ever browsed the comment section of PornHub? There’s always a high probability that the video you are watching doesn’t make you ride the mighty pleasure cloud of orgasm, but the comments can never disappoint you. Don’t believe it? Never mind, as we bring you 20 times the user comments made people wet their pants! By laughing hard, of course. 

1. Owning a home is so much hotter any day, trust me.

2. At least there was a thing to learn there.

3. I have my Maths test tomorrow. Let me clear my doubts.

5. A place of a hundred answers.

5. Forget everything, I wanna know his journey story.

6. Buttermilk biscuits >>> Sex.

7. Welcome to my Ted talk.

8. And thence I was absolved.

9. So what if it’s PornHub? One a grammar nazi, always a grammar nazi.

10. Came here for music.

11. Why cookies? WHY?

12. Just here for Minecraft, not other crafts.

13. 14 yo me arguing be like.

14. As who doesn’t need a recipe while watching porn?

15. God has been added.

16. Here for Mac n’ Cheese.

17. Marx has entered the chat.

18. The seventh deadly sin: lust.

19. Help him make his bread, dude’s Christmas is here. Please.

20. Dude, who doesn’t?

Told ya, never disappointing!