There’s no doubt that kids can be quite funny and entertaining sometimes. They say and write some really surprising things that only their teachers know. A page, that goes by the name @funny_kids_test_answers_, revealed some hilarious answers that kids wrote in their tests. And we decided to compile some of the best ones for you.

Are you ready to laugh out loud? Then, read on.

Film Sufi

Sometimes, kids just know their stuff.

Oh well.

The kid is right: we all need to keep our shit together.

As a foodie, I stand by his answer.

This kid is a genius!

Technically, he isn’t wrong.

Seriously, what’s wrong with you, Marcus?

Oh kid, wait till you grow up.

This kid is going places.

This had us laughing out loud!

It’s simple!

Lesson: food is the single solution to all your problems.

This badass kid is savage.

This seems to be my future child.

And this kid takes the cake!

Oh well, these kids are surely funny AF!