The criminal underworld is a menacing enigma – ruled by the laws of omerta and portrayed as a scene of violence and fear, it’s hard to shake off the image of an all-encompassing network of cold-blooded gangsters and criminal masterminds who won’t flinch while pulling the trigger.

In Goa however, their notoriety might be somewhat dampened by the fact that the 2 top gangs there are called the Boom Boom gang and the Bang Bang gang. And they’re apparently at war. 

They could’ve gone with anything. They could’ve been the Goa Gunslingers, or Konkani Kalamity (amazing names, you’re welcome), but they were like fuck it, main Boom Boom, tu Bang Bang.

Obviously, the internet had some things to say.

At the end of the day, those guys have guns and we don’t so they can call themselves whatever they want!