Google may have been your guiding light in all phases of life, but it can be wicked too. Sure it has all the solutions, but it can play tricks too. It’s like your best friend; it gives you really weird suggestions and then laughs at you. Here are some instances when Google made suggestions that were, well not that accurate. Also, it’s an indicator of the kind of things people search on Google. Take a look. And judge the people!

1. First things first.

2. Of course.

3. People have strange fears.

4. Mother of dragons on Google?

5. Because 37 is just too much.

6. Just asking.

7. Isn’t it the worst thing to throw at your grandmother?

8. I wouldn’t do that.

9. Some hair of the dog can be handy.

10. I have always wondered that.

11. Women be like…

12. You’re drunk, Google.

13. I hate it when that happens.

14. Google said it.

15. Valid question.

16. Not my mom.

17. Cows are mysterious that way.

18. Not cool, Jesus.

19. Malaysian Airlines, beware!

20. My entire childhood.

21. Doctors have powers.

22. Never do that on the first date.

23. I knew it!


Still better than my uncle’s suggestion. ” Engineering karle! Life set ho jayegi!