There was a time when people used to go to supermarkets to buy stuff.

Now, they go to Twitter.

And looks like the currency to buy stuff at Twitter is retweets.

Remember that guy who wanted some free nuggets recently and turned to Twitter for help to fulfill his dream?

Well, spoilers ahead, but he did win free nuggets in the end! 

And also gave birth to the most retweeted tweet ever in the process.

Hence, taking inspiration from this remarkable feat of his, an Indian guy is now on a quest to get some free beer from Bira.

And he needs 91K retweets for his dream to come true.

So far he’s gotten 2.4K retweets. Which means, he has a long way to go.

But we’re pretty sure he’ll reach there. Because Twitter ke ghar mein der hai magar andher nahin.

Also, good guy Bira is actually helping him realize his dream.

What are you waiting for? Go help a brother in need. Also, Ankit, if you do get a year’s supply of beer, don’t forget to share it with us mate.