It’s a relatively well known fact that for most guys, a beard adds that extra spice that people love. It looks badass, feels manly and in general makes everything more epic. So obviously, when you finally shave it off, there’s a bunch of things you’ll hear, from your parents thanking god that their son is finally returning from the dark side, to girls moaning about how you’ve lost your mojo. Either way, check out the stuff that most guys have to deal with everytime they get rid of their face fuzz.

1. “You look like a baby!”

“But I’m a Complan man!”

2. “Have we met before?”

“I just shaved, it’s not like I got plastic freakin surgery man.”

3. ” Cho Chweet you look.”

*Single tear rolls down a smooth, hairless cheek*

4. “Your cheeks feel like a baby’s bottom!

“How many baby bottoms have you been feeling you perv?!”

5. “How did you cut yourself THAT many times!?”


6. “Ugh… too much aftershave bro.”

“Well then stop standing so close to me!”

7. “You looked so much manlier with the beard” 🙁

“Fine I’ll just never shave again… Wait, can people do that? Cos I totally would.”

8. “You missed a spot.”

“But my foot won’t miss your FACE.”

9. “Kya chikna lag raha hai yaar!”

“It’s a gift and a curse.”

10. ” Chalo, ab achha baccha lag raha hai .”

“But I thought it was our deeds that defined us, not our beards!”

11. “Finally, no more 2 day old breadcrumbs on your beard.”

“You’re in for a surprise.”

12. “Haha, why do you even bother shaving when you have like 3 strands of hair on your face?”

“It keeps me aerodynamically swift… like a ninja.”

13. “Wow, you really don’t know how to shave dude.”

“Neither does your mom!” BOOM reverse burn.

14. “LOL you don’t have a chin!”

“NOOO you’ve discovered my greatest weakness!”

15. “Sir, ID please?” – At the bar

“But I JUST saw you let that 12 year old in!”

16. ” Pehle jungli lag raha tha, ab thoda sudhra hua lag raha hai .”

“The beard will return, stronger and more magnificent than ever!”

Beard or no beard, be proud of what you got! (Beards are cool though)