If there’s anything that prepares for us death, it’s a hangover. Here are some memes that will hit you right where it hurts (Koi Disprin dedo bhai).

1. Did I cab it? Did I drive? Did I crawl back?

2. Note to sober-self: Fucking hydrate yourself!

3. What is this sorcery?

4. The literal ‘just out of bed’ look

5. The real Hunger Games

6. All that’s missing is some background music.

7. I need my drugs!

8. I have one friend left.

9. Yeh jag sookha sookha lage.

10. Hello? I can’t come in today because I died last night.

11. Is it nap time yet?

12. Bhaiya, mineral water dena!

BRB. Got to go throw up again.

Design Credits: Nupur Agrawal