You can love him or hate him, but you can’t ignore him. That’s right. We are talking about the Bhaijaan of Bollywood. Salman Khan has been entertaining us for decades, and inarguably, his dance steps are the highlights of his filmography. In fact, some of Salman Khan’s hook steps are way better than his many movies. He has had several hook steps over the years that became a trend among cinephiles, especially millennials.

In general, a Bollywood buff loves Salman Khan’s iconic signature steps but equally hates the cringe ones that he performs. I know I do. This is why I have ranked his 13 hook steps from best to worst.

Let’s take a look.

1. Zumba classes waala hook step- O O Jaane Jaana

Raise your hand if you have performed this iconic hook step at parties or Zumba classes. We are totally obsessed with this, Salman Khan. Poori body khul gayi! Phew!

salman khan dance
Salman Khan in O O Jaane Jaana. Source:

2. Towel se body wipe karne waala hook step- Jeene Ke Hain Chaar Din

Who knew that a towel could be used in dance? Salman Khan showed it how. Just adjust a towel between your legs and go crazy after the shower or whenever you feel like doing it. We definitely enjoy this step.

salman khan dance
Salman Khan in Jeene Ke Hain Chaar Din. Source:; Gfycat

3. Dheeli pant ko utarne se rokne waala hook step- Hudd Hudd Dabangg

Not just towels, Salman Khan also knows the power of belts. He literally made a belt groove along with him, or did he save his loose pants from falling? Anyway, he totally channelled his swag in this one.

salman khan dance
Salman Khan in Hudd Hudd Dabangg. Source: Tenor

4. ‘Pocket mein paise nahin hai’ waala hook step- Dhinka Chika

Salman Khan then taught us how to indirectly tell our friends that we are broke. Just put your hands in your pockets and go dhinka-chika without giving a reason. This is why the hook step is in the best category.

salman khan dance
Salman Khan in Dhinka Chika. Source:

5. Magge se nahaane waala hook step- Munni Badnaam

This is strictly for those middle-class desis who bathe with bucket water. You know what we are talking about. Salman Khan be like ‘shower mein wo baat nahin, magge se nahake mazaa aa gaya’!

salman khan dance
Salman Khan in Munni Badnaam. Source:

6. Maindak uchchaalne waala hook step- Bodyguard

Salman Khan was quite tired of bathing, so he introduced this hook step here. Kuch nahin bas sar par dono haath rakho and flex your biceps. He be like “muscle dekh raha hai muscle, masal ke rakh dunga!” But Salman bhoi, why so lazy?

salman khan dance
Salman Khan in Bodyguard. Source: Tenor

7. ‘Hawa nahin aa rahi collar utha leta hoon’ waala hook step- Jalwa

What to do when you feel hot in summer? Salman Khan tells you here. Hold your shirt collar up and feel the air! But ye kaisa hook step hai Salman bhoi? Matlab kuch bhi?

salman khan dance
Salman Khan in Jalwa. Source: Tenor

8. Zameen par letke poncha maarne waala hook step- Jag Ghoomeya

For Salman Khan, wiping the floor with a piece of cloth is definitely passé now, he literally rolls on it. House help nahin aayi thi kya, bhoi?

salman khan dance
Salman Khan in Jag Ghoomeya. Source: Gfycat

9. ‘I-don’t-know-what-I-am-doing’ waala hook step- Dil Deewana

Salman Khan once performed these weird jumps while holding a pigeon on the top of his hand. Kabootar be like, ‘bro main gir jaaunga! Koi roko isey.’ Ye seriously ‘pagla hai!’

salman khan dance
Salman Khan in Dil Deewana. Source: Make A Gif

10. ‘Mummy meri T-shirt phas gayi hai’ waala hook step- Seeti Maar

This reminded me of Phoebe in Friends when her head gets stuck in the sweater. While Salman Khan didn’t struggle like her, I wonder how this cringe step made it to the final cut. Please explain bhoi.

salman khan dance
Salman Khan in Seeti Maar. Source: AndhraFriends

11. Dushman ke aage ghutne tekne waala hook step- Yun Karke

Imagine Salman Khan acting in a war film and performing this hook step in front of his enemy after losing on the field. Sh*t. I can’t watch it anymore. Super cringe.

salman khan dance
Salman Khan in Yun Karke. Source: Spidey Posts

12. Pahaadon mein lunges karne waala hook step- Naiyo Lagda

Salman Khan is a hardcore gym enthusiast. We get it. But bhoi kar kya rahe ho aap? Stretching or lunges? Leg day miss ho gaya tha kya?

salman khan dance
Salman Khan in Naiyo Lagda. Source: Divya Bharat

13. Besharmi ki hadd paar karne waala hook step- Jumme Ki Raat

I rest my case here. This is quite disturbing to watch. Holding a woman’s dress with your teeth? Ye kaisi choreography hai, Salman bhoi? Cringe ultra pro max.

salman khan dance
Salman Khan in Jumme Ki Raat. Source: Tenor

Which one do you like or hate the most?

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