I love love. 

When it rains, I turn into Kajol from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and look somewhat like this…


I love cheesy greeting cards and teddy bears and everything that comes under the sun of love. I love the pinks and the reds of love.

I love romantic comedies and candles and flowers at my doorstep. 

I like kissing. No drug can match the high of a passionate kiss. 

I think about meeting someone who can match my frequency. Someone who makes me want to be me. And, when I will finally meet someone, this is exactly what I am gonna say…

Love means never having to say, ‘you’re sorry.’

I’m such a freak for love that, back when I was in college, I would sleep with Erich Segal’s Love Story, under my pillow, every night, without fail. I genuinely believed the ritual would help me find the love of my life, my prince charming. Someone who would sweep me off my feet and take all my troubles away. 


I love the idea of love, the way love feels, the way love moves, the way love dwells, making the odd flutter in my guts. I believe that we humans love love. We write about it, we talk about it, we make music about it, and we think about it, somewhere deep within, all the time. We are all about real moments, real people, real everything. 

We are miraculously united by love, then why do we condemn it so much?

“I don’t like Valentines Day. Yuck. Chhheeee. Jeeez. I don’t understand why are all these couples losing their shit on this single day, making out and all. I can’t stand all these lovey-dovey vibes in the air.”

— whoever goes by this belief, I have this to say to you — Stop lying to yourself. And please stop posting the following memes on your social media channel like you mean it and your entire existence is about hating love. 

Stop being like this. 

Or like this grumpy fucking cat.

No! Just stop!

Don’t even get me started on the tweets of people hating on love. 

Probably the real reason you hate on love is because…

or this.

The internet is so pissed off at everything. The world, now, is a much angrier place, I feel. We think hating on something is hip and so we write long comments on how we detest something from the core of our guts. And then, take great pride in the number of likes our comment has got. But what happens when we shut that screen and go to bed, wondering, what would life with love be like?

Hear me out and immerse yourself in my words for 30 seconds.

When was the last time you felt loved or loved someone so hard that you’d do anything for them? When was the last time someone touched your face and talked to you about your dreams? When was the last time you felt someone’s skin against yours and felt like that moment should literally last forever? When was the last time you stared into someone’s eyes and felt that you could see their soul, through and through, and you liked what you were looking at?

Even if you haven’t experienced any of this, can you feel what I am trying to insinuate here? Can you feel me, bro?

Maybe you can, maybe you can’t. But the truth is, I don’t care. I think love is the most beautiful feeling in the world and the only drug I need to survive the drudgery of life.  

So all the haters out there can go live their hateful lives and share anti-love memes.