So Modi Ji is quitting all forms of social media for a day on Women’s Day. Which is sad for his fans but it might just be a blessing in disguise. See, mainly Modi Ji tweets a lot. And I mean, a lot, even by Donald Trump’s standard. 

But now since he’s decided to stop wasting all that time on social media, he might just be able to focus on the job we elected him to do. It’s only for a day, but that’s more time than we got for demonetisation.

1. Fix the economy, like he had promised in his speeches in 2014, not so much in 2019. 

The National Statistical Office had released first advance GDP estimates for fiscal 2019-20 on the 7th of January, estimating a 5% growth in the economy, the slowest growth rate since 2008-09, therefore, raising more concerns for an already slowed down economy. 

Forget the Rs 15 lakhs, at least he’ll have time to fix this. 

Economic Times

2. Create jobs for people, just like he had promised.

India’s unemployment rate has risen to 7.78%, the highest in 4 months. So now that Modi Ji is free, and from the looks of it, his followers are also quitting social media, he could focus on that and get them some jobs. 

The National

3. Please discuss CAA/NRC with Amit Shah. He’s said something, Modi Ji has said something else. Aapas mein baat kar lo

Modi Ji has said that there have been no talks about a nationwide NRC but Home Minister and his homie Amit Shah had explained the chronology of CAA/NRC, saying that Sikhs, Jains, Hindus etc etc, basically everybody expect Muslim need not worry. So if Modi Ji could clarify on that, that would be nice. 

India Today

4. Do a press conference, independent of Amit Shah. 

It’s been 6 years, man. The only time Modi Ji did a press conference in these 6 years was when Amit Shah was sitting with him and took all the questions. So, if could spare some time now for journalists, that would be great. Also, for obvious reasons, the questions can’t be about the secret of his energy or how he likes his mangoes. 

The Hindu

5. Ask Kapil Mishra and Anurag Thakur, ‘Ssup with those communal speeches?’

Since Modi Ji has been spending quite a bit of time of social media, it’s fair to assume that he must have seen the comments made by his party members right before the communal violence in Delhi. 

So now that he’ll have a lot of time on his hands, he could probably go and ask them about it. 


6. Sleep a little more so that his favourite journalists stop asking him about how he functions without much of it. 

Look, we get it. Like most of us, Modi Ji also likes scrolling through his Twitter feed in the middle of the night and just like most of us has to wake up without completing his sleep and go do his job. 

Now that he’s decided not to be on these platforms, he could perhaps sleep a bit more. 


7. Ask Arnab to chill the F out. 

I mean, even he knows, the nation needs it. For God sake, it just hurts your ears even if the TV is on mute. 


8. Console Sudhir Chaudhary after he was seen visibly distraught and had a meltdown on national TV following BJP’s loss in Delhi elections. 

As hilarious as the episode was, we are still worried about Sudhir. Maybe, Modi Ji can call his friend up and make sure his health is in fine condition. 


9. Meet some farmers. After all, Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan is how we roll. 

Almost 14,000 farmers have committed suicide in the last 5 years in Maharashtra alone. Maybe, he could look into that. Because, let’s be honest, unlike with students, Mann ki Baat won’t do much good here. 

Deccan Herald

10. Make sure Delhi doesn’t burn again. 

Last week, when Modi Ji was chilling with his good friend Donald, Delhi was burning in a communal pyre. Now, that Modi Ji will have a lot of time on his hands, he could step in and make sure that doesn’t happen again. 

NE Now

If you have any more suggestions about what other things Modi Ji could do in his spare time, please let us know.