Indian parents have the bizarre habit of disclosing their child’s CTC before the offer letter even arrives. Like WTF? I’ve seen every single Indian parent do this. Is this some bylaw taught in Indian parent training camp?

Redditor felt the same and asked “Why do Indian parents tell everyone about your salary?” It’s safe to say fellow Indians jumped in with answers:

1. “It’s their definition of status and success.” MoodyFeline

2. “Because Indian parents live vicariously through their children. Your success=their success and success according to them is how much money you make.” ladyfartselot

3. “Never share your income with family or anyone. If you make more than what they expected, everything you do for them will not be enough. If you make less, they’ll not respect you as much.” avengeriron

4. “Bragging, that’s it. People like Bragging about their sons/daughters. But the case is exactly the opposite for my father. He usually doesn’t tell my salary to anyone, but people have this strange urge to ask about my salary to him so that they can compare their kid to me. Even after that, my father often lues about my salary and tells me lesser amount than what I earn.” iamdonewithshit

5. “Trophy kid mentality.” FitFatFitFatFit

6. “They were not lucky to be alive in the era where so many opportunities were there? Increments were an annual event. KRA & KPI were defined. Let them enjoy your success. Tomorrow when your kid gets his own yacht or plane you will also tell everyone. But if you feel they are doing it to insult you or put you down then it’s best to sit with them & have a clear chat about it.” awaken_ywnmmsb

7. “In our society, paisa bolta he.” Ajaymishra1959

8. “This is seriously so frustrating! I got a job in big tech recently and before I could even tell my friends, my relatives were calling me to congratulate me. At that moment telling my parents so early seemed like a mistake 😅” Suspicious-Wallaby12

9. “It’s a tradition to pressurize their kids because they went through this in their lifetime. probably this generation won’t repeat it or can’t afford to have kids.” S1deWalk3r

10. “Bragging rights.” Single_Science2276

Team your-parents-are-too-ashamed-to-disclose-your-LPA say, “aye!”