Have you ever tweeted something and wanted to edit it because of a typo or any other factual error? I know I have. Well, not to worry. The microblogging and social networking website is finally coming up with an edit button.

As per some reports, Twitter has been working on an edit button, a feature that netizens have been requesting for a very long time. 

The announcement came a day after Elon Musk, who recently acquired a 9.2% ($3 billion) stake in Twitter, ran a poll asking his followers if they wanted an edit button on the social media platform.

However, with social media buzzing about the new edit button, an old tweet by Instagram is going viral.

In March, Instagram brought back the much request chronological feed.

To this, Twitter had a funny response.

However, Instagram replied back with an oh-so-hilarious tweet targeting Twitter’s lack of an edit button, which left netizens in splits.

The tweet caught netizens by storm and this is what they had to say:

Mad Over Marketing (MoM), a marketing media company, also shared the post on its official handle.

And, here’s what netizens commented on the post:


Looks like Twitter did listen!