High five! If you agree with me that, news channels are getting more entertaining than Bollywood movies. I mean, it takes a lot of imagination to come up with such plots so quickly! In yet another hilarious spoof we found on Twitter, this tale of Indian journalism will only make you scream inse na ho payeaga.

The reporter in the video is clearly trying to frame a false story by pretending to save a child from floods. The irony? The child is later seen walking on his own in the same direction he was rescued from. 

Have a look:

Jokes apart, this is not the first reporters have stooped so low to cover stories. It’s an utter shame that journalists are throwing ethics behind and presenting such garbage in front of us.  

After watching the clip, people clearly spotted how the journo is faking it all. Nonetheless, the responses are a stark reminder of how we need better journalism in our country. 

Hahah seriously, wah kya acting kar rha hai!

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