As it happens, human beings form strong attachments with family, friends, pets and more so with their prized materialistic objects. We’ve all been witnesses to the rage people demonstrate on roads when a scratch defaces their shiny car or a dent mars the beauty of their beloved bike. But this man has shown that love truly surpasses all obstacles. His love for his bike, that is. 


A video uploaded by ANI UP shows how traffic police in Bada Chauraha area in Kanpur attempted to separate the man from his precious bike but failed to prevail. They towed the bike in the end alright, but once again love won and they had to tow the bike with the man on it. Ha! Take that! The man refused to let go off his bike, who then got carted off bike and all with the tow truck. At least he had his helmet still on so that’s okay then. 

Watch the amazing spectacle below:

Aakhir bike bina chain kaha re?