If there is one thing the lockdown has made me realise, the most important thing, it's that above everything else, I should have gone for a house with a good balcony.

Because just a few months later, life took a 180-degree-turn and now the balcony is the sole connection between me and the outer world.

And the two separate washrooms, extra large cupboards, slightly bigger room - make no difference whatsoever. 

What matters is the balcony, which I didn't care about much and now I regret it.

Had I known I will be stuck at home for months at end, I would have chosen a bigger balcony, a front facing balcony, balcony with plants...balcony WITH A VIEW. 

I would have fought for it, I would have changed houses for it. 

But one realises these things very late.

Now don't get me wrong, I know I am lucky to have a roof above my head. 

But when I see people posting pictures of the sunset and their dalgona against the clouds, it does hurt a little.

When people do full-fledged photoshoots in the balcony, it does bother me a bit. 

You can say I am having a balcony FOMO. FOMOBA, if you will.

And this isn't some casual issue, okay? People across the world are discussing this with full seriousness.

Makes sense too. Once the trauma of the pandemic sets in, no one is going to settle for any house that is not open and airy.

They are going to pay extra for big balconies and that's a business prediction right there. You're welcome.

In the end, I'd just say I am super jealous of everyone with a great balcony view, I haven't seen anything except a vacant building in days.