Biryani is a word that itself is mouth-watering let alone the perfect combination of basmati rice and saalan. But not if someone advises you to eat it with locusts. Ew! 

Apparently, that’s what was told to the people of Karachi who complained about a large-scale locust infestation around their houses. 

A video has gone viral in which Sindh’s Minister of Agriculture, Ismail Rahu, can be seen telling citizens of Karachi that they can just cook biryani with locusts and eat them. 

This came as a piece of advice he had when a swarm of locusts infested the city of Karachi after migrating in huge numbers. 

Rahu thought he had a way out of this menace and was actually doing a favour. 

But as it turned out, netizens weren’t impressed and took to Twitter to let him know how they felt. 

So, Tiddi biryani anyone?