For a very long time, I, along with many of this nation’s people, had assumed that Arnab was on some sort of medication, unprescribed of course. However, the shitstorm that he, along with his former buddies at his former organisation created, made it abundantly clear that the ‘journalist’ has never had drugs. 

It was again thrown in our faces when he very animatedly asked for drugs on  LIVE TV. It might have been referring to something else but IDC! And if recent reports are to be believed, not as many people do as we were made to believe. LOL! 

But, we did do him the courtesy of helping him find drugs. LOL JK. I like my freedom. What I am about to show here is pretty close to actual drugs. I mean, it smells like one. 

Now while the main material in the product is unspecified, we know that it was made in Spain, is dark green in colour, comes in a 150 ml bottle and is called Marihuana. The website claims that they distilled the essence of cannabis sativa. 

I couldn’t find a price tag and the thing is not even available in India but let’s be honest. Arnab has money! 


So yeah, please let him know.