Let’s face it, weight loss is an uphill task. With so many distractions and so much to eat, food austerity is something none of us look forward to. How can you lose that flab when you have Juneja ke gol gappe and Gullu biryani beckoning you from every corner? It’s just not fair!

But worry not. For, to appease to the lazy sloths that we are, some marketing geniuses have come up with some awesome methods to lose weight! Mind you, we don’t endorse any of these methods so please don’t try them. Or try them, but then please don’t sue us.

1. By chewing gum.

What chewing gum contains green coffee & green tea extracts?


2. By wearing earrings. Sorry, ‘diet’ earrings.


3. By wearing this. Such pose. Much wow!

I do baby

4. By drinking this milkshake.


5. By eating tapeworms! Fuck, you even get a bleeding bowl free.

Pix Shark

6. By eating cotton balls dipped in orange juice. (Yes, people are eating that!)


7. By taking a bath. With this soap.

Silver Cross

8. By stitching a tongue patch on your tongue!

How does it help? It makes solid food eating so painful, that you can only consume liquids. Bon appetit.

Huffington Post

9. By eating pills that ‘kill your appetite’.


10. By drinking mango juice. Yeh waala mango juice.


11. By smoking.

Gender Stanford

12. Want 6 pack abs instantly? No problemo!

13. By applying cream.


14. By drinking coffee.

Dieting Post

15. By simply wearing a belt.

TV Teleshopping

16. By going on a laxative diet.

Why burn the fat when you can poop it.


17. By wearing this shirt.

I’m too sexy for my shirt.

Rare Shoppe

18. By wearing toe rings.

Deals Navigator

19. By wrapping your body in bandages/Cellophane/anything wrappable.

Living healthy wraps

20. By wearing these socks.


You know what would be the best way to lose some flab? Gettin’ off that ass of yours, and running 5 miles. Go on! Move your body.