We all want a leg piece in our biryani, right? I mean, there's nothing better. But sometimes, when you order that nice plate online, you get stupid wings hidden under the rice. 

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Understandably, that can be quite upsetting to some people. But then again, there's nothing one can do about it. Sure, you could ask the restaurant to give you leg pieces. But then they would get tired because everybody would have the same request. 

And a chicken has only two legs. 

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Well, we came across this tweet, talking about a certain Reddit thread of Mallus researching a way to find out a way to determine the same. 

Well well well...

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So we had to go see it for ourselves. 

So Reddit user, rajkrishnanr asked how he could identify if the Chicken Biryani parcel has a leg piece or not. 

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And the internet did not disappoint. I mean, some of the answers were very scientific. Take a look here if you don't believe us. 

But modern problems require modern solutions. So coconutbunch came up with a solution that he seemed to have arrived at using personal experience. 

Weigh them. The lightest one should have the leg piece. Bird bones are hollow, the leg piece having a bigger bone would mean it is lighter.
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But since it's Reddit, it did no go uncontested. Another Redditor SnoodleLoodle argued: 

However, usually the leg piece is smaller than the breast or wings, no? So there would be more meat on the wing/breasts?
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Which is when magic_malu said the words, the secret to us being the smartest creatures in the known universe. 

I don't know the answer but I like the way you think. This is how our species emerged as the dominant one on the planet.

You can read the whole thread here

Damn straight! Now then, go ahead, you must have also have tried and tested methods of determining the existence of leg pieces in your biryani parcel. So enlighten us.