Finding a rented apartment in a metro city that fits your bill is an Olympic sport. Things become even more difficult if the city we are talking about is Bengaluru. In a recent development, a man was asked to share his LinkedIn profile and also a write-up about himself went he went apartment hunting in Bengaluru. Talk about an Olympic sport becoming an extreme sport.

A user named Goutham took to Twitter to share his ordeal. In a peak Bengaluru moment, he was asked to share his LinkedIn profile by one owner. Another owner asked him to share a “small write-up” about himself. He tweeted, “Day 12 of house hunting Indiranagar” and shared the screenshots of the conversation he had with brokers.

Take a look at the tweet here.

Imagine sharing your LinkedIn profile and a blurb and not getting the house.

reaction to owner asking for linkedin in bengaluru

Coming back to the tweet, Goutham’s tweet went viral and it garnered over 150K views, over 900 likes, and many retweets and comments. Many Bengaluru citizens commented how they faced a similar situation while they were house-hunting as well. Others commented on how expensive the rent is in Indiranagar. Some also shared their house-hunting stories.

Here’s what people had to say.

House hunting in Bengaluru is, clearly, not for the weak.

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