A few days back, in an unexpected incident, we all saw Delhi’s ‘I Love Delhi’ heart go missing. It had been stolen and the robbery created quite the stir online. Twitizens were dumbfounded and entertained all at once, by the random act. 

But guess what? Someone went ahead and restored the balance by making a new pink heart and sticking it back on the Karol Bagh sign.  

Karol Bagh Heart

Karshin Khatri from Delhi decided to make a cute AF paper heart and put it on the sign, and to make things even sweeter, he wrote a little message on it. 

Dil toh aakhir dil hai. Chaahe plastic ka ho, ya kaagaz.

Here’s the post by Khatri; he wrote the caption, ‘Fixed the heart!…. Bob the builder ne karke dikha diya,’ on it. 

And here’s how people responded to Karshin Khatri’s endearing gesture! *IMO, the fact that it’s hand-coloured makes it even better than the original red heart.*

When the heart first got stolen, people had a lot to say about it. Obviously there were bound to be epic responses to this bizarre situation; from song references to the amusement people had for the entire situation, it’s all here. 

This is probably the sweetest, most heartwarming news you’ll see today. He kind of restored ‘Delhi’s heart.’