Big emotions don’t always come from big gestures – sometimes, the smallest things can leave us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Especially in today’s day and age, where everything seems to be bad news, we need all the happiness we can get.

That’s where this guy comes in. This sweet-looking man below posts a video on TikTok daily to tell everyone he’s had ‘no fizzy drinks today’ and it’s the most wholesome content ever. Just watch it, you’ll understand. 

Doesn’t that just melt your heart and put a smile on your face? This man is a treasure, and must be protected at all costs. 

He used to drink around 2-3 cans of soda every day, and claims he could finish a can of Redbull in 4 seconds. This was leading to health problems, so he decided to kick his addiction. Look at his first 29 videos in this blessed compilation.

The people of the internet also agree that this guy is totally killing it.

With all the hate you constantly see online, it’s nice to also experience so much of an outpouring of love and support – feelings we thought had disappeared from the realms of the internet. Here’s to Rohit, hope your fizzless journey goes all the way!