News is everywhere and we modern beings have a knack of consuming it because of our smartphones and the ever-so-present internet.

Some make sense and some simply make us wonder what the fuck just happened here. 
Just like this: 

By now you must’ve understood we are here for the latter category. So here we go. 

1. Too much trust in our ancestors. 

2. Woodpeckers must be proud.

3. The guy couldn’t ‘dog’ that theft it seems. 

4. Not the lizard you’d want to see in the middle of the night. 


5. Jugaad for some more liquor, we’ve all been there. 


6. Glad he just went to charge his phone & didn’t replace the pilots.

7. What the…?


8. Bongs thinking how come this never happened to us. 

Asia One

9. And the internet never felt so useful before. 


10. Just parrot things. 

Telegraph UK

11. You don’t actually need real cops for traffic that slow. 

12. And Germany captured the United States to end WWII. 


13. My parents would’ve scaled the wall to beat the shit out of me for cheating. 


14. No quarreling for the couple guaranteed. 


15. Will this count as development? 


16. The thieves had budgetary restraints it seems. 

17. Brilliant move. 

Hindustan Times

18. Delhi ka jam se koi nahi bach sakta.


19. The two couples could’ve used some privacy.


20. Apparently that was not a part of his daily KRAs.


21. Swiggy or Zomato? 

22. Cow wanted some knowledge, she got it. 


23. Quite an infamous click. 


24. Were they ‘motichoor’ or ‘besan’ laddoos? 


25. Wrath of the ninja turtle. 


26. Must be a tough one to answer. 

27. Poor froggos. 


28. Miserable to say the least. 

Huffington Post

29. Must’ve been a raging fart. 

Indian Express

30. This competition was low on gas it seems. 

Huffington Post

31. What a beef, this one. 

32. Traditional impact.

India Today

33. Sad these things still happen in the year 2019.

34. Well, who wants to marry a snake anyway? 


35. Good job uncle! 


36. Must be a disappointing attempt.

37. We are still figuring out who’s the real animal here. 

38. When real meets reel. 

Huffington Post

39. Parking problems can well be understood. Seems legit. 

Huffington Post

40. Why’d he wait for so long? 

Huffington Post

41. One nasty goon, this one. 

42. That’s like a FB post – getting married with 6 others. 

Huffington Post

43. Matches have been postponed for less.

Huffington Post

44. And I couldn’t pee properly when I was three. 

Telegraph UK

45. I’ve heard about a heart of gold but this is next level. 


That’s all folks!