Everybody knows that in a country like ours, great education and top-notch jobs are generally limited to the metropolitan cities. So naturally, every small towner who wants to avail all the above benefits has to migrate at some point in their lives. 

But the real struggle starts when one needs to find a good place to stay. And might I say, it’s not a piece of cake.


Having stayed at a paying guest accommodation (PG) myself, there are a lot of things one looks into. Where we do need all the security and the good food, we also want to have fun. 

And while most of the PGs provide the staple food, beds, geyser and all, there is one PG which went a step ahead. 


We came across a PG advertisement which not only provides the basic necessities but apparently also provides ‘hookah’. 

I don’t want to sound like a party pooper, but while we girls have to face a curfew and all sorts of restrictions, this boy’s PG has a hookah. Really?


But moving on, this flier also apparently claims that it provides a parking AND lawn. I mean, can you imagine having a facility in a cramped up big city where one actually has a place to have their morning walks and park their cars at the same place? Wow!


So we don’t really know if this ‘Hookah providing landlord’ really exists, but if he does, we want to sign up for this PG ASAP.