What’s the best thing about the internet? Well for one, the fact that you get a little look into people’s minds and learn something new from that everyday. For instance this epic post that a Redditor from Mumbai wrote asking people what ‘gedi‘ means. 


In the post Reddit user Kubdya_Khavis talked about visiting Delhi and hearing two people say the word ‘gedi,’ and proceeding to go eat momos. So, of course the comments were bound to be epic because well… what a truly Mumbaikar question to ask on the internet!

Just take a look at how people responded to this hilarious post. 

1. When the entrance to 9 3/4 platform closes and you decide to take your dad’s flying car to the school with your bestie with issues.

– CallySiddh

2. Rehne do bhai… Mumbai waale kahan gedi maar paayenge.

– Legitimate_Ad_8511

3. Aur kya, gedi ka second most important component sadak hota hai. Mumbai wale nahi samajh sakte

– uday_it_is

4. Gedi is a common term in Punjabi which refers to a leisurely stroll or journey on a vehicle – often on a bike/car with friends.

– Fri1ction

5. Haryanvi hoga chorra gaadi kehrha hoga XD.

– illmatic_mmlp

6. Think of it like Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara type car journey with friends, but in a city.

– -_WhySoSerious

7. That’s equivalent to “sortie” of fighter pilots but without any solid motive. The Punjabi population here in Delhi use this word extensively. You’re supposed to grab your vehicle and follow your group wherever they’re going, usually after sunset. You don’t know where you’re going, but end up visiting the same place again and again till eternity.

– Gitanshu7

8. Until one of them said he needed momos and then they both left. Welcome to Delhi.

– whyarebee

9. It’s when your friends hop into your car and play loud music with heart thumping bass playing. And with all your friends bopping their heads in rhythm like a maniac. When you keep driving aimlessly, living in the moment rather than thinking about your miserable lives. Good times..

– Longjumping-Bee-2731

10. As a Mumbaikar I can attest only a fellow Mumbaikar will ask for a comprehensive definition of gedi.

– penguin_chacha

11. Brown Munde and Ashneer Grover taught me ‘gedi’ and I love the word. Might become mainstream.

– ThatsWhatSheSaid320

12. Chapri joyride.

– throwaway99108

Now all we need is a Delhiite asking how to use ‘boss,’ in Mumbai. Or what kanda & bantai means.