We know you read the headline and probably said, ‘here we go again’. Yeah, we get it, you want to burst crackers. But did you know, bursting crackers is not the only way to make noise?

1. Shout every time you see someone littering.


2. Make honking noises at people who honk at a red light.


3. Slap someone who is being bigoted against any person, religion, caste, colour or creed.


4. Take part in this dog march in Mumbai. 

Hindustan Times

5. Muster up the courage to tell your parents that you want to shift from science to arts. 


6.  Bring non-veg into the house during Navratri and face the wrath of your mother. 

Indian Express

7. Correct your parents whenever they are being homophobic, sexist or bigoted.  

Movie Quoes

8. Tell your buddies that sexism and misogyny cannot be covered by the fact that it was just locker room talk.


9. Pour water on crackers if they are being used to hurt animals.

The Hindu

10. Tell people that watching Avengers or GoT doesn’t make them better than everyone else.


11.  Tell warmongers on the internet to join the army. 


12. Ask questions to the government. 


So go out tonight, make some noise.