If you want to hide your stuff from the world, I’d suggest you try the following places. Think beyond the usual hiding spots. Trick your family, friends and thieves by going unconventional. Good luck.

1. On Google search page 73

Against popular belief, page 2 of Google search is actually viewed a lot. But the relevance of the search items decrease exponentially, leaving page 73 absolutely useless. Also nobody likes 73, because it’s odd and over 70.

2. In the center most urinal in a public toilet

You can hide your stuff here. It’ll stay clean and untouched. Nobody touches stuff kept inside a urinal.Moreover, nobody ‘goes’ in the middle most urinal. Pun intended.

3. On Samsung app store

The relevance of this app store is yet to be discovered by man. I’m sure constant effort goes into it. But as of now, you can safely place your stuff here and forget about its security.

4. In a North Korea VISA office

For obvious reasons, North Korean VISA offices around the world remain deserted throughout the year. Bring your stuff, keep it and go!

5. In your fat friend’s gym bag

It was last opened by the salesman when it was being sold. Since then, it has held its position in the cupboard.

6. Inside your old V.C.D. player’s disk tray

You know because nobody uses … Wait a minute! Why do you even have a V.C.D. player?

7. Inside the Civics section of your History/Civics textbook

Or basically any place that already has boring stuff can accommodate some from you too.

8. In the files drawer of a government office

Your stuff will remain untouched. Covered in cob web, but untouched.

9. Anywhere in the City’s central library

A central library can easily be declared a deserted building as soon as it is built. It’s sad, but a city library is not like a college library. It is never frequented by readers. Never.

10. In the instructions handout of an electronic gadget

Because we are such know-it-all geeks.