According to India Today, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation's (BMC) Standing Committee Chairman, Yashwant Jadhav, has claimed that the roads of Mumbai have no potholes whatsoever. 

Source: Mumbai Mirror

Elaborating on his claims, Jadhav said: 

There is not a single pothole in Mumbai. You show me one single pothole. I travel every day on the Mumbai city roads. I don't see potholes. If there is any it could be due to metro construction, but I can assure you there is not a single pothole. 

Adding to his statements, Jadhav also said that if anyone is able to spot a pothole in Mumbai, it will be fixed within two hours. 

Source: The Indian Feed

Of course, Netizens couldn't just digest this piece of information given by the BMC official and quickly took to Twitter to share their hysteria. 

Someone started with the basic statistics since potholes on Mumbai roads pose the biggest threat to pedestrians and those driving. 

Statistics claim 7 people already lost their lives due to potholes in Mumbai this year.  

And then there was no stopping netizens' sarcasm.