There is a vast difference between the photos we post, of ourselves, on our profiles and the photos our family ends up tagging us in. Because let’s admit it, most of us curate the pictures we post with some form of refinement in mind. 

Our parents on the other hand, seem to think that their children are immune to bad photos. And this post by Twitter user Annabelle seems to be talking about this very occurrence!


The tweet talks about how parents end up posting any kind of photo of their children, without a care in the world of how it ACTUALLY looks. 

Here is what other people had to say about this phenomenon! I mean, yes, parents be adorable AF when they post your most awkward images with so much love. *Like, do they know they’re low-key sabotaging their chances of getting grandchildren by doing this?*

Same here @iswearimnormal0. I feel you. 

Yes mom, I know you think my smile is cute, but can you not post a picture of me from the strangest angle ever. 

Oh yes, even WhatsApp statuses count here. 

Mum, dad, I love you, but please, what is this behavior?