Honestly, this doesn’t come as a surprise. 

If the guy can send a ball for a six after it hits the stumps, he clearly has some powers.

The sheer accuracy, though, now that is something. People are digging up Jofra Archer’s tweets from the past – by that I mean 2011 even – and all in all they are prophetic. 

Like, this one from 2014. 

Now we all know where the World Cup final will be played. 

England won the toss yesterday and chose to bat first. Here’s a little something from 2015 for that.

And Aussie captain Aron Finch got out for duck. Here’s something for that, as well.

However, possibly the creepiest co-incidence was this.

One of Jofra’s deliveries hit Australian batsman Alex Carey and his helmet went flying from his head. Alex luckily caught it mid-flight and saved himself from being dismissed, but he got injured in the process as his chin started bleeding. He had to play the rest of his innings with his face bandaged.

Moving on, in the group stages Pakistan’s qualification for the final 4 was hugely dependent on India beating England. Unfortunately, it was the only match India lost before the semi-final.

Jofra might have predicted it in 2014, by posting this tweet. 

Sir, ekdum se jazbaat badal diye!

He also had a premonition about Jadeja. 

Sure he can bat, he almost took us to the final.

Who couldn’t were Rahul, Rohit and Kohli. 

My favourite, though, are these two. They sum up the entire World Cup.

Let us all bow down to the powers of Lord Archer and surrender; because the next thing we know, he’ll be bowling, batting and fielding at the same time.